Anco Longspan Heavy Duty Racking - Beam Levels

Anco Longspan Heavy Duty Racking - Beam Levels

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Anco Longspan Heavy Duty Racking - Beam Levels

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  • If you need a strong, robust and versatile solution at a competitive price then look no further.
  • Extremely strong, heavy duty system designed for storing large bulky items.
  • Robust Steel construction with blue powder coated uprights and orange powder coated beams with Chipboard decks.
  • The unique fit between the upright and claw gives our longspan racking incredible strength and rigidity. Along with our heavy duty Z Profile beam which ensures it will meet the most rigorous demands.
  • All levels come with heavy duty deck supports as standard, this ensures the chipboard shelves carry the same load as the beams.
  • The unique deck support slots into the beam which also eliminates the beams spreading or rotating.
  • Supplied in component form and will require simple self-assembly. Beams include 2 beams, chipboard decking and all the necessary deck supports and safety pins.

Shelf UDL: up to 950kg

Max. Bay Load: 5000kg

How to Order;

Decide which frame height you need - order two frames to make the first bay the one frame for each additional bay.

Choose which of the 5 widths and level type you require.

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Code Depth x Width / Shelf Load
SHF425 457 x 1220mm / 950kg
SHF426 457 x 1525mm / 850kg
SHF427 457 x 1830mm / 800kg
SHF428 457 x 2135mm / 700kg
SHF429 457 x 2440mm / 600kg
SHF430 610 x 1220mm / 900kg
SHF431 610 x 1525mm / 800kg
SHF432 610 x 1830mm / 800kg
SHF433 610 x 2135mm / 700kg
SHF434 610 x 2440mm / 600kg
SHF435 762 x 1220mm / 875kg
SHF436 762 x 15250mm / 775kg
SHF437 762 x 1830mm / 800kg
SHF438 762 x 2135mm / 700kg
SHF439 762 x 2440mm / 575kg
SHF440 915 x 1220mm / 825kg
SHF441 915 x 1525mm / 725kg
SHF442 915 x 1830mm / 800kg
SHF443 915 x 2135mm / 675kg
SHF444 915 x 2440mm / 550kg
SHF445 1220 x 1220mm / 750kg
SHF446 1220 x 1525mm / 675kg
SHF447 1220 x 1830mm / 750kg
SHF448 1220 x 2135mm / 625kg
SHF449 1220 x 2440mm / 525kg