Hi all, as we all know this year has been beyond difficult and has meant we’ve all had to come together to support and look out for each other. No one could have predicted what the people have done to keep everyone safe and spirits high, and here at Workplace Equipment Store we are no different. Today (05/11/2020) James Mellish (Sales Manager) and Paul Diggins (Managing Director) have been out and about with over 2500 medical grade face masks and hand sanitisers, they visited and donated these to 2 local hospices. St Mary’s is a hospice dedicated to the care and support for patients with life limiting illnesses and also support the families around the patients. This was our first stop today. As we all know the most at risk are those of us who have underlying illnesses and we felt like we should do what we can to support those looking after this group of people and the work they do . https://www.birminghamhospice.org.uk/ Then we stopped by Acorns Children’s Hospice, like St Mary’s, Acorns provides Palliative care for life threatened babies, children and young people. We think the work these guys do is superhero like and there is nothing more precious than seeing a child smiling, during these times we know it is especially difficult for those who do not truly understand what is going on in the world at the moment. With the PPE they can keep the staff and patients safe. https://www.acorns.org.uk/ All products that have been donated today to help these hospices out would not have been done without the help of Reverse Nature. Reverse Nature have created a revolutionary Alcohol-free hand sanitiser which On contact, Reverse Nature Sanitiser pierces the outer membrane of the pathogen and dismantles and destroys the DNA and RNA which eliminates the risk of pathogens developing resistance to the product. https://reversenature-sanitiser.co.uk/