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Excellence in evacuation since 1998

Emergency evacuations can be very chaotic, presenting a serious threat to the safety of people. Whatever the situation, ExitMaster Evacuation Chairs will provide safe and easy transportation for the less mobile. It is the best choice you can make for evacuating people who aren’t able to exit by themselves for a variety of reasons.

Do you comply?

BS 9999 2017, Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Equality Act 2010; an increasing mount of legislation is necessitating the provision of suitable evacuation equipment.

Don’t get caught out!

The evacuation of your premises is now the responsibility of your building management; not the Fire Brigade

No ordinary challenge, No ordinary chairs…

ExitMaster have addressed the entire concept of emergency stairway evacuation resulting now in a range of market leading products that are designed to be the easiest to use evacuation chairs available. The ExitMaster range or Evacuation chairs are fast, safe, secure and easy transfer for the passenger to an ideal height seat (with no kickstand to deploy). Extensive research and development work has been carried out to ensure maximum safety for both operator and passenger – no lifting or carrying during descent of stairs.

Time is short and escape is vital but are enough staff available?

ExitMaster’s ‘SOLOGo’ Single operator load and go Technology requires up to 50% less operators for loading the evacuation chairs, a lifesaving benefit at the essential early stages of any evacuation.

Any passenger; tall, short, big, small, old, young…

Supportive passenger comfort and safety with integral footrests on all chairs.

Everything you’ll ever need!

If we haven’t already sold it to you, here are a few more reasons as to why ExitMaster Evacuation Chairs are the best you can buy:
  • Freewalk – ExitMaster’s patented design provides more space for the operator to walk behind the chair than any other product available.
  • Low lifetime costs are achieved through low maintenance, lubricant free and fully serviceable design.
  • 10 year design life, backed by a comprehensive 12 month warranty.
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